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April 30, 2000
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Front page article from my survey in St Louis.  3/18/00


March 2001

geckopelli has been suffering from an identity crisis.

Originally conceived as a personal web page to share photos and stories with family and friends, I soon became distracted with the infinite possibilities of having a world wide presence on the internet.

However, in creating a web site for the world to see,  geckopelli lost some of the intimacy of a personal web page.  To make matters worse, I was never completely satisfied with the website as a public display of my photos, becoming more of an online scrapbook than a professional display...

This is about to change.

Coming later this summer, I will introduce a new website - kenstanek.com - to display a limited gallery of photos from my collection, including recent photos from Greece and Egypt.

geckopelli will remain in its current form online while I redesign the site offline, so if you have not yet seen the photos in the gallery, be sure to check them out....

In the mean time, take care and enjoy the scenery along the detours!