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"Waltzing Matilda" is an old folk song in Australia--about as well known as their national anthem.  Matilda is another word for a 'swag' or a 'bluey'... or more simply, a rucksack.  Back in the day, an aussie might roll up all their belongings in a blanket, tie it up and carry it over their shoulder as they moved from one place to another... Waltzing Matilda.

On December 27th, 1999, I hoisted a pack on my back and began a four week short journey with a friend up Australia's east coast.  Beginning in Sydney, where we celebrated the new millennium, we waltzed our way (by bus) up to Cairns, stopping along the way to ride horses, sheer some sheep, and dive the great barrier reef.

Although we strayed occasionally from the beaten path, I know that there is still so much more to see and experience.

Another day, another dance...  I will return.